White Pulp Egg Cartons Holds Up to 10 Eggs

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color: white 300 pieces
  • Premium quality paper egg cartons - Our cardboard egg cartons are made from high quality paper pulp. These custom egg cartons cheap bulk are even more reusable than the ones used in local stores!
  • Jumbo egg cartons: Each carton holds 10 count .Double hidden clasp design ensures the top will stay closed keeping your eggs safe. Best choice as goose duck quail egg cartons super jumbo too!size:25.2*10.5*7cm
  • Versatile design: perfect for egg cartons that for chicken or duck eggs, jumbo or super jumbo sizes, or dying Easter eggs for gift baskets. Our cute paper egg cartons are of great egg keeper for refrigerator as well!
  • Multi egg solutions: Great idea for arts and crafts on these egg cartons or seed trays. This reusable egg carton also store bath bombs perfectly and the blank egg cartons can hide twelve little surprises in them as adorable homemade gift packages to give to a loved one!
  • Blank flat top design: The blank egg cartons top allow you to put on your own customized brand name stickers, or message writing to your customers. Our reusable chicken egg cartons are your reliable backyard chicken egg storage farming business partner!
color: white 300 pieces